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The Correct Use Of The Chain Saw


1. Before use, you must carefully read the chain saw manual, (www.cnjusen.com)to understand the characteristics of the use of chain saw, technical performance and precautions.

2. Before use the fuel tank, fuel tank fuel fill; adjust the tightness of the saw chain, not too loose nor too tight.

3. Operators before the operator to wear overalls, wearing helmets, labor insurance gloves, dustproof glasses or face shield.

4. After the engine starts, the operator holds the right hand side of the saw, the left hand holding the front saw, the machine and the ground can not form more than 60 ° angle, but the angle should not be too small, otherwise easy to operate.

5. Cut, you should first cut off the following branches, after the saw above the branches, heavy or large branches to be segmented cutting.

6. To avoid damage to the branches or saw chains are caught in the saw the rough branches in the bottom of the next saw a unloading load incision, that is, with the end of the saw chain saw a curved cut under the branches, so that branches cut off their own weight Down. If there is folder saw, should be saw the middle of the saw blade plus wedge, and then slowly out of the saw chain.

7. New oil saws use, must be 30 days in the small load run, to enter the full load operation.

8. Use high-saw chain saw, pay attention to the foot of non-slip, in the field operations should maintain a stable posture.

9. When operating the chain saw, to prohibit fireworks, so as not to cause a fire.

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