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Garden Machinery Use Maintenance Tips


Garden machinery in use will inevitably be a variety of problems, through some tips we can easily rule out.

 Garden Machinery Use Maintenance Tips

check the cracks on the machine parts on the crack, must not be reluctant to use. but how to determine whether the cracks and cracks in the parts where? put the suspicious parts into the kerosene soak for 30 minutes, remove the dry surface, cast a layer of chalk on the surface of gray, and so on for some time, due to chalk ash absorption of cracks in the seepage of kerosene, black, you can find part of the crack parts.

tighten the tires to remove the rust on the rim, including a thin layer of talc between the inner and outer tires, and then flatten the rims and put the tires. with the pedal or crowbar to the side of the tire side of the wheel pry into the rim, into the inner tube, and with iron wire to the inflatable valve in the ring inflatable valve hole, and finally install the other side of the tire. start from the corresponding position of the inflatable valve, with a crowbar part of the tire first pry into the wheel, and then gradually from the inflatable valve to both sides of the installation, while the foot with the opposing position relative to the inflatable valve tread, the tires of the tires are gradually loaded into the rims.

when the oil seal is attached to the crankshaft, the inner surface of the seal is prone to twist, resulting in oil leakage. will be a clean thin cardboard roll into a horn-shaped reel, the reel on the shaft, the small end of the reel placed in the shaft, the oil seal on the small end of the reel, with the handle oil seal gently to the axis of the spin-in, the direction of rotation consistent with the reel roll, when the oil seal in place, slowly withdraw from the roll can be.

check the cable broken cable pump in the use of repeated folding, twisting, prone to disconnection. with a 220v power plug, in a power line in series with a 220v, 15w bulb, the two power lines were connected to the cable at the ends of a core, connected to the power after the light bulb that line, otherwise this core broken. then use both hands to hold the cable, forced for a period of time to the middle of the squeeze, if the light is here that line off. disconnect the power, cut the plastic sleeve with a knife, then a good disconnect, and then wrapped with insulating tape can be.

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